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Part I
Subject and general terms

Ø  These General terms of the contract between Somogra Delivery Serviceand its end users set forward the terms and order of courier services schedules.

Ø  These General terms are obligatory both for Somogra Delivery Service and the user.

Ø  The General terms are inseparable part of the individual contract with the user.

Ø  When a shipment is arrived, Somogra Delivery Service accepts on his behalf and on behalf of the user, associated with the shipment,these General terms are in force with service-related individual.

Part II
Services range and characteristics

Ø  Somogra Delivery Service executes domestic courier services.

Ø  Pickup request for order should be given through Somogra Delivery Service’s verified communication channels by 5 pm in all days of the week.

Ø  Inside Dhaka-Within 24 hours after order pickup

Ø  Outside Dhaka-Within 96 hours after order pickup

Ø  Types of shipments:

·         Letter – written message on any media, inserted in Somogra Delivery Service card envelope.

·         Document – written messages or printed materials (which do not fit in an Somogra Delivery Service card envelope).

·         Non-document – shipments with defined dimensions and weight.

Ø  Non-document shipments may be cash-on-delivery.

Ø  Times may vary for ‘On Hold’ orders.

Ø  If customer unavailable, Somogra Delivery Service will put order On Hold.

Ø  Somogra Delivery Service will provide a reason for On Hold in merchant dashboard.

Ø  Somogra Delivery Service will make 3 attempts (in different days) to ensure delivery for On Hold orders, after that the order will be cancel.

Ø  If return is accepted, Somogra Delivery Service will return the order to merchant within 3 days inside Dhaka & 10 days for outside Dhaka.



Delivery Charge


Per Additional KG

Return Charge

Inside City

60 Tk

+15 Tk


City Sub Area

100 Tk

+15 Tk


Outside Dhaka

130 Tk


+30 Tk



Part III
Access terms

Ø  Somogra Delivery Service guarantees equal access to all users for all available services.

Ø  Receiving shipments is based on website or app or a phone call by the sender or according to preliminary agreement with the user.

Ø  Users may also access the Somogra Delivery Service offices in really and virtually.

Part IV
Quality of service

Ø  Shipment delivery term, according to the up-to-date pricing plan.

Ø  Courier services guarantee not only greater speed and safety of accepting, handling and delivering of shipments personally to the sender and receiver, but also rendering of all or some of the following additional services:

·         collecting from sender’s address

·         delivering up to specific date

·         optional change of destination and consignee while the shipment is been handled

·         receiving written or verbal information on delivery date and hour of the shipment (if requested by the sender)

·         controlled supervision and tracking of shipments

Part V


Ø  All services prizes are defined by Somogra Delivery Service according to the destination zone, weight of shipment and additional fees (tax or vat) if applicable.Payment is either paid in cash or liquid, through bank transfer or mobile banking (bkash, rocket etc), by:

·         the sender

·         the buyer

·         according to preliminary agreement between Somogra Delivery Service and the user.


Ø  Initial merchant registration is completely free of cost.

Ø  For value added services (warehousing, packaging etc.) subscription/onetime fee will be charge to merchants during weekly payments.

Ø  Bank transfer takes up to two days to reach merchant account, but no additional transaction fees involved.

Ø  Mobile banking payments are instantaneous.

Ø  Merchant will pay for transaction fees.

Part VI

Requirements for collecting and delivering of shipments

Ø  Somogra Delivery Service accepts shipments, which are adequately shaped and packed for transportation and are not endangering the safety of other shipments.

Ø  In case of doubt concerning forbidden goods or substances in the shipment, Somogra Delivery Service when accepting such shipment, may request sender’s agreement to check the content. If the sender denies - shipment will not be accepted.

Ø  Cash-on-delivery shipments are delivered after the receiver/consignee has cashed them.

Ø  In case of wrong address, Somogra Delivery Service transfers delivery in accordance with the specific additional instructions of the sender. Additional fees should be applicable in such of cases according to Somogra Delivery Service Tariff.

Part VII
Rights and obligations of Somogra Delivery Service users

From User side:

Ø  to receive full information on characteristics and features of available services.

Ø  to require contracts for all services supplied by Somogra Delivery Service.

Ø  to issue requests, complaints and suggestions.

Ø  to have their shipment returned, if consignee rejects it, paying for the Somogra Delivery Service service in both directions.

Ø  to supply true and maximum detailed information about the shipment.

Ø  to be held responsible for damages caused to Somogra Delivery Service. Obligation amount will be equal to the caused damages.

From Somogra Delivery Service Side:

Ø  to require an adequate shape and packaging of the shipments for transportation, which does not endanger the integrity or contents of other shipments.

Ø  to be compensated by the users for damages caused by their shipments to Somogra Delivery Service or other shipments.

Ø  to reject shipments containing forbidden for transportation goods and substances

Ø  to guarantee equal access to available services for all users

Ø  to keep confidentiality of correspondence during and after service has been rendered


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